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Northern Lights

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic experiences can be very intense in both enlightening and frightening ways. Whether you're seeking to process a 'bad trip' or striving to make practical changes after developing personal insight, these services may be useful to you.

During integration work, I seek to provide clients with a space to 'put theory into practice' with respect to insights gained through their psychedelic experiences. This might include developing mindfulness practices, engaging more intentionally in relationships, or exploring past, current, or future transition periods in ones' life. For those wanting to process challenging experiences, I'll work with you to identify aspects of 'set' and 'setting' that contributed to the challenging experience with the aim of developing meaning and insight from it.

Psychedelic integration services are different than individual therapy in that they are brief (1-5 sessions) and are available for people throughout the United States after completion of a short screening process.


Psychedelic integration services are not used to treat or diagnose mental health disorders. Those who are experiencing symptoms of mental health disorders may be referred to an appropriate provider or enroll in Individual Therapy services if possible.

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